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Hi all,

Primary use - stereo.

Currently I have an Arcam AVR200, Arcam CD92 both quite new and a pair of Acoustic Energy AE1 Mk 1's which I have had for the past 12 years or so.

I mainly listen to classical but with a little jazz thrown in as well. Whilst the sound is pretty analytical, very well focused and with good width and depth I feel I am missing emotion and possibly, deep base.

What would a good floor standing speaker give me?

I would not want to pay more than perhaps £1000 What could I get for my money and what would the differences be between your recomendations and my present setup?


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what about auditioning a subwoofer?? You wouldnt lose the sound you like from your speakers and would still gain some clean bass. £1000 buys a serious amount of subwoofer.


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A good pair of floor standers would be better than stand mounts.
For stereo listening you should get improved bass extension and greater dynamics. As Dfour says, if you like your stand mounts another option is to hook your system up to a subwoofer.


Not a simple answer to this one. Good floorstanders can get down to around 20Hz with a pretty flat response, however, thats going to cost and starting prices are around £7K.

Less expensive floorstanders dont reach down that far and some dont even get down as far as a good stand mount speaker.

The upside to a standmount is usually superior imaging and better drive unit integration, the downsides are a less full sound which has reduced bass performance.

I have yet to hear a sub woofer perform well in a stereo set up for music, thats not to say its impossible, Ive just never come across it.

I also dont know how the Arcam amp performs, but I do know that AE1 s benefit from being driven with amps that can swing hefty currents like Naims, this is not usually the preserve of amps like Arcam. AE1s also need very careful positioning and stand choice is critical to bass performance, that goes for cable choice too (they like to be bi wired incidentally).

Having said all this, AE1s are not the best speaker for articulate low bass, they tend to be masters of fine imaging. You can obtain better performance by swapping to another stand mounter, my recommendation would be a pair of Neat Critiques, or the small floorstanding Mystiques which wouldnt cost you a grand, you could sell your AE1s (theres always a ready market), leaving you enough for a pair of top flight stands and maybe a bit towards an alternate amp. Try something like the new LFD zero which walks a path between the rythmn of Naim and the soundstage of more round earth amps.

I was in the same position as yourself and have moved from an older pair of Critiques (the newer ones have a flatter frequency curve) to a pair of Ultimatum MF7s but its costing me :rolleyes:

Theres obviously lots of other speakers out there, my recommendation is based on the vast number I have listened to (friends in the trade). The Neat range just concentrates on the soul of the music and conveys that to the listener.

It goes without saying, audition, audition, audition and in your own home.

Jack the lad

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