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    I'm a person that appreciates quality. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount to get it. I consider myself an average audiophile. I just purchased the new Onkyo TX- SR806. As For features, this is a great unit for $640. I am not going to bore you with specific specs you can look that up on the Onkyo web site. I am trying to provide a general observation.

    This unit provides plenty of power for my 300sq/ft LR and it would handle a room 3x the size if I needed it to.

    My likes:
    Power, sound quality, easy simple GUI interface and the cool THX modes. With HD channels and blue-ray is does sound great. There are many listening mode options for you to choose depending on the type source. I like to Watch/listen to HD-TV, HD-Concerts and B-ray movies. They all sound great on the 806. Plenty of HDMI inputs as well as other connections to suite just about anyone's needs. I do like the Audessy Calibration, I think it works really well, however I did go back in to check settings and tweak a few things, like the sub and the front L/C/R speaker; you will probably have to do the same to get it the way you like it. All things considered it does 95% of the calibration for you. It has a cool THX setup but you will need speakers to handle it. I played around with it and decided to leave it off. My speakers really were not designed for that. Infinity TSS-1200.

    The video up scaling is mediocre if you are using this in 1080P/I, to upconvert SD channels @480p to 1080p. All my equipment is new and I let them do the work. Note*** TV doesn't do any better at cleaning up the signal. I have played around with different settings using 1080i/p and Auto set on the AVR. With SD channels it really doesn't make a noticeable difference to me. Keep in mind it is a dirty signal. I leave it set to through. If you want the AVR to upscale all the time then may want to spend the extra and get the 876/906 not sure how they handle video; not enough reviews. There are a lot of settings for video, I find that leaving them alone and allowing the TV or B-ray handle it works best.


    Well the HDMI switching is slow about 5-10secs. I wish it had better audio control while watching TV, when a commercial comes on the volume usually spikes and I find myself adjusting the volume on the remote often. The 876/906 has dynamic Volume that corrects this but from what I've read it is more hype.

    I was torn between the top 3 models 806/876/906. The others have features I probably won't use, so I decided to go with the 806. Looking back, I kind of wish I picked the 906 to squash any doubt that I picked the wrong unit, but it was a grand more. It may be a hard decision for you to make, especially if you have a tight budget. If I had the extra money at the time I would have went big!!!!

    After I purchased the 806 I learned about the blue dot issue. At first I didn't notice it, but then I was able to reproduce the problem and now it's annoying. This happens when you are passing 1080p in the AVR in through mode. I have tried multiple settings but it is still happening. The Through mode still affects the 1080p signal being passed, its not pure pass through. I have not been able to get a straight answer from Onkyo to explain the problem, but what I do know is this unit is defective and many others are experiencing the same issue. Customer service was not helpful in resolving the issue. They told me just to take it to a service center; they would not admit there was an issue. I called the closest service center to me and they confirmed that the HDMI board needs replacement-- according to Onkyo. This repair is covered under warranty. The down side is I have to pay $40 bucks to ship and now the unit will have cost me $700. The repair will take 2 weeks to fix. I realize Onkyo can't just come out and say it but come on don't leave me hanging; Tell me the truth. I like Onkyo products however, if you plan to keep me as a customer you should be more forthcoming and provide me with a solution. The unit is only 3 months old and Vann's won't take it back. I even suggested paying extra to get the 906. I got a big no…I no they have a policy, but they can always deal with the manufacture for you and sell me another one. Sorry Vanns, when I upgrade I wont buy from you again you lost another G note.

    Bottom line is the unit is packed with features for a great price, but if I had to do it again I would get the 906 or the 876. If you do opt for the 806 be prepared to send to a service center to get it fixed or live with it… I can't confirm this but Onkyo has corrected the problem in the new units but they were unable to give me a serial # range so it is chance you will have to take. I have seen in other posts that Serial# ending in G has the corrected HDMI Board. Once this problem is corrected you cant go wrong for the price! it is a Great Unit despite some of my dislikes...

    Overall I like the 806: it was in a price range I could afford and full of features I liked. I think Onkyo makes good products at a great price. I hope this Repair improves mediocre video up scaling and the blue dot issue. I will update my post once I get the unit back.

    Onkyo TX SR-806 AVR
    Panasonic th-50pz800u
    Panasonic DMP-BD35K 1080p Blu-Ray
    Sony PS3
    Infinity TSS-1200 7.1 (12”sub)
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