Thinking of buying the Panasonic DMR-E60

Someone said I should get + as these are better for recording at different times.. Is the format important? or is + as good/better than -


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Is the format important?
Yes! Very important!

is + as good/better than -
No! Whilst there is nothing wrong with the PC useage of the + format the application in the standalone units is fairly poor. Ignoring numerous complaints relating to the reliability of the machines the format itself is linear, it's restrictive and it's PR is based on utter tosh! It is not better at "recording at different times" at all! The E60 is better at basic timeshifting as you can "Timeslip" (start watching a recording BEFORE it has finished recording/watch another record programme whilst recording) - you can't do this on +. And the E60 is better at archiving as well as you would record such programmes that you want to keep onto DVD-R which is the universal DVDR format, i.e. it is the format that will play on virtually ANY existing DVD player.

Read through the thread marked "help for a novice" which you can see if you scroll down. I give a brief description of the formats. Essentially your choice is between DVD-RAM and DVD-RW machines if you want features.

The E60 is a very good piece of kit though - ideal for Timeshifting recordings and for copying digital camera, digital camcorder and VHS/SVHS material to DVD. It also has RGB in - something lacking from most of the competing machines. The only (subjective) drawback is it uses DVD-RAM which isn't compatible with most existing DVD players (you can use write-once DVD-Rs in the machine for archiving which WILL play on virtually all existing DVD players but lacks the sophesticated features of DVD-RAM).
Thanks a lot Rasczak that was very helpful. So I'll go with the E60.
Nwgarrat what is wrong with Techtronics and can you/anyone suggest a better place to buy the converted Recorder at a similar price. UK


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Or wait as the E60 is being replaced real soon with the E65 have a look here, Nothing wrong with the current E60 but there maybe hard to buy since it's being replaced.

Nothing wrong with Techtronics except pray that your purchase does not develop a fault.

Search the Forum/Web/Usenet on Techtronics.
Yonderblue you are right m8 but I am going to wait on this one as its perfect omes with a built in Video so copying easier.

"Panasonic’s DMR-E75V is the company’s first dual deck DVD video recorder/VHS recorder in the United States market, combining the features and benefits of the two technologies. “Our research has shown that one of the major uses of DVD recorders by consumers is the transfer of VHS tapes to the more durable, higher picture quality DVD format,” added Reggiani. “With that in mind, we developed the dual deck unit, giving users the ability to easily dub their home movies and recorded VHS tapes onto either a DVD-RAM or DVD-R disc, and from a DVD disc back to a VHS tape. The dual deck also includes one touch dubbing, another feature geared to make the process truly consumer friendly. The consumer also has the option of watching VHS tapes or DVDs on a space saving combination product.” The unit has a MSRP** of $599.95."


Richer Sounds is where I got my e60 from. Get their 3 year gurantee and they'll buy it back from you in 3 years time for half the purchase price, when you exchange it for the latest model with a hard disk :)

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