Thinking of buying Denon AVR-770SD - Opinions?



I'm seriously considering buying one of these slimline beauties. Has anyone any opinions on the performance?

The looks and space saving are certainly a big pro for me. I saw the recent review in What Hi-Fi, but as usual I'm taking that with a pinch of salt!

Any real world experienced would be useful. I'm thinking of combining the amp with a Pioneer 565A universal player and Tannoy FX 5.1s.


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Isn't there a matching DVD player along with the 770SD?

I think it also has progressive scan as well, it may be better to go for that than the Pioneer, one less remote to worry about as well.

As for the amp, supposed to be very good, can't say you would go wrong with it.

But I don't think those speakers would do it justice, you could look at the first gen KEF eggs, which are knocking around at half the original price now.
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