Question Thinking of buying a used 55/65" TV to replace a Panasonic plasma (TX-46G20) - sensible yay or nay?


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Hi all,

I've owned a trusty Panasonic Plasma (TX-46G20) for many years now and I'm considering upgrading for a bigger screen (still regret not buying the 50G20 when I bought the 46!).

Sources we typically watch from:

Sky HD (mainly news & football)
Apple TV (it's the latest gen 4K capable one), Disney Plus, Amazon Prime & Netflix etc

We're likely to move house in the next 8 months or so and are thinking about buying the new 'main TV' then and relegate this potential used purchase to the family room / kitchen diner. Flexible on OLED / LED and Sky Q would probably come after the move, so that's why I've been considering buying used.

My thinking is that it would be better to spend £500-£800 and get a higher spec / higher quality TV from the last 2 or 3 years. Is this sensible or flawed logic? Or perhaps I should just be less impatient and wait until we've actually moved!

If used, I'm considering from one of these, any others to consider?

LG 55 or 65 B7 or C7
Panasonic 58EX750
Panasonic 55EZ952
Samsung 55 or 65 MU8000
Samsung 55 or 65 Q7
Sony 55XE9305
Sony 65XE9305

I'd welcome any thoughts from the knowledgeable crew on here!

Thanks in advance!


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I'd be wary about buying a used 3-4 year-old OLED as they were more susceptible to screen burn / uneven pixel wear than recent generations appear to be. Even if you were able to get hold of a good example of an older model from a trusted source, there's no guarantee that your viewing habits wouldn't subsequently cause issues, particularly if you watch news channels for any length of time with their problematic scrolling banners.

Are you still happy with the G20 ? If so, another option would be to spend more on what will be your main set now (to enable you to buy new) and use the G20 as the kitchen TV when you move.

If you were happy to settle for 55" and could push the budget a bit higher, then 2020 OLEDs like the LG BX start to make more sense - it's not unknown for the latest entry-level LG and Panasonic 55" OLEDs to drop to around £1000 during sale time and they should be more resistant to 'screen burn'.


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Maybe its just me but I would not touch any tv without solid 5 year warranty. Manufacturers jumped onto fast tech fashion bandwagon and no longer produce spares limiting circulation of second hand items. Probably most owners already experienced warranty replacements where parts were not available within year of ownership new tv and retailer or manufacturer just replaces tv with similar specced new model with price value. Also new tv's are much more cheaper with latest tech in them. Especially this years models will have solid specs for reasonable price. I would advice to hold on to those money and see what's available this year as competition will be harsh across all brands.
Not to mention energy saving and latest picture processing technology.


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Always buy s/hand myself - 2 year old tx50c802 for £400 (new £1500), previously had 42GT30 for £150 2years old. Never had a problem, it is a calculated risk and my view is that once the first couple of years are passed the likelihood of a failure is much lower than when new.


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Some sensible responses, I'm kind of on the fence. Waiting until we've move seems like the best bet. However, as stated by @larkone I felt that there is a significant benefit in buying used. Some of the TV's in my shortlist were circa £2k new.

However, as stated by @AVtest quality isn't what it was!

@mikej - yes still happy with the G20, but do wish I bought a 50" at the time. If I did replace it now, I'd planned to move the G20 to the bedroom to replace a very early & bulky 32" Panasonic LCD.

Thanks for all the advice & insight guys...


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What ever you do, keep the Plasma.

There are 50in Plasmas on Ebay.


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What ever you do, keep the Plasma.

There are 50in Plasmas on Ebay.
Yep, that's a keeper!
A few years back I was tempted to buy the same again in a 50" but I'd prefer (or rather the wife would) something with a much smaller bezel than the last generation of Panny plasmas.


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So, I'm now the proud owner of an LG 55B6 which I sourced from the classifieds on here.

A little older than I was originally considering (2017) for but it recently had a new panel fitted under warranty and still has a little over 1 year left on the transferrable extended warranty. It's immaculate and I'm really pleased with it. I was a fan of WebOS when HP had their line of phones (Palm / HP Pre) and it's a nice interface on a TV.


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I found a 50 inch LGPK590 for only £50 on gumtree it works well I think the XH95 65 inch has better blacks in the day but the LG better in very dark rooms.
This tv is near me but the post don't have any info and it looks wrong



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I am thinking of selling my

Panasonic 55" FZ802 (same as the 952 but without the soundbar), not really sure on what the going rate would be for second hand. Perfect condition, I think its 5865 hours (status4 shows C05865)

I also have a 50" VT65 (the last plasma) that I am considering selling (again dont really know what the selling prices would be). Perfect condition, would have to check hours

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