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I'm thinking of purchasing a PSP, any ideas what to get with it, what memory stick, any good games ect??



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For games,try

SOCOM Fireteam Bravo
Colin McRae Rally
Ridge Racer


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Also Syphon Filter is an excellent shooter, and Pro Evo Soccer if youre into football games. Grand Theft Auto is still my favourite game and I keep going back to it.

If you want to watch movies then a 2Gb stick is the best option, or get a small stick for game saves then a bigger one for movies. I've found movies take about 700Mb each using PSP Video 9.

And if you want to use Homebrew then you'll need some space for that too :)


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Get a 1gb Memory Stick, try these games: Ridge Racer, Lumines and LocoRoco.

Also the play gear pocket case is a worthy purchase to protect you delicate PSP screen!


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Essential to get a screen protector. Pocket Gear case also top class.

Games: Everybodys Golf (totally addictive!), Syphon Filter, GTA.



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Lumines and Ridge Racer are pretty cool. I'd agree with tinners and go with a 2Gb stick if you can afford it. I originally went for a 1Gb only (when prices were musc steeper than they are currently) and soon wished I'd plumped for the 2Gb. Copying movies over soon gets old and 2Gb gives you room for another movie, a bit of homebrew (depending on firmware / software combo of course) and mp3s, etc. without getting tight on space.
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