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Ive been running MediaPortal and XBMC in the bedroom off my PC and onto my portable LCD TV to watch TV shows and movies and I love it, its great!

So now Im thinking of building a machine for the living room.

But I have a couple of questions....

Blu-Ray is a must. I have a UK PS3 which is horribly noisy and a US Sony Blu-Ray player for my imports, and Im looking to replace both of these. Will a HTPC give me 100% region free Blu-Ray playback with no hassles?

HD Audio is a must. If I use one of those HD Radeon gfx cards will I get all the usual HD audio chucked down HDMI in the same was as with a regular player or PS3, again with no hassles?

I would want to use XBMC instead of Media Portal as I found that XBMC has better output compatability as regards frame rate syncing etc. Movies that are encoded at 24fps just wouldnt play right on my 720p 50Hz LCD in the bedroom. Now that I use XBMC I can get the movies running without judder. This is also a must for the living room as my plasma telly doesnt do 24fps, but my Epson projector does so I would need to be able to switch between output configurations depending on if I was using the TV or the projector.

Well thats it for now, Im sure I can think of some more questions as I go :blush:

Thanks in advance for any help guys :smashin:

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