Thinking of building a gaming please.


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This is what I have in mind for gaming rig. need some advice and feedback


Aigo Atlantis
-Motherboard Size : ATX / Micro ATX
-Case Size : 430mm*200mm*445mm
-Graphic Card Length : 420mm
-CPU Cooler : 160mm
-Storage : HDDx3 , SSDx2
-Front Panel : 2xUSB 3.0 , 1xaudio in 1x audio out ,1xpower button , 1xreset button
-RGB LED build in
-Fan 3x120mm with LED


AMD Ryzen 5 3600x


Gigabyte X570 Gaming X


2x Adata 8GB


Aorus M.2 NVE SSD 512GB
SSD Adata 1TB
HDD Seagate 4TB


Asus Strix RX 580 3 fans


Ge Force GTX 1660


Corsair RM 1000x

Will it work and what can i expect from this set up?


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So i recently built a Ryzen based pc for my nephew so i will give you some feedback on you components.

No need for a 1000w psu a good 650w/750 is more than enough so you can save some money there.
Just buy the stock 3600 the 3600x is not worth it unless you want the included rgb cpu cooler.
B450 motherboards like the latest MSI TOMAHAWK MAX are more than good enough for the 3600/x so again saving more money by going B450 which i would put towards something like better gpu / pc case.

You don,t say what speed the Adata memory is ? and i guess you will install windows onto the NVE drive?

Also what resolution will you be playing at ? 1080p 1440p ?


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I agree with peahead and then you should be able to stretch to a 5700 with the money saved on the cpu & mobo. A 580 or 1660 is currently ok for 1080p high settings but a 5700 will last you a good while longer.


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thanks, guys

for the ram, i am using Adata 8GB DDR4 2666MHz
For the suggested motherboard, i am not able to find the MSI Tomahawk you mentioned in my local area, just afraid that i might need to preorder and the price might go a bit higher up.

What about the B450 Steel Legend or the B450M DS3H or B450 Aorus PRO WIFI or the Asus Strix B450F Gaming ? These are the one i am able to get in my local area.

I was thinking of getting a 2k resolution gaming monitor, but 1440p would do fine for now.
And i would also like room to actually upgrade in the long run.

With the cash saved on the PSU,GPU and motherboard
I was thinking of getting a

Would this be a good choice?

I am actually looking to play Games like Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo on this PC
Thinking of getting a Wheel and Gear Stick as well, Thinking of the Logitech G29. That would cost a bomb. if the settings is optimum to play either of those 2 games with the set up that was recommended then i would use the extra cash on the wheel instead of the GPU? Whats you suggestion on that?
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The Strix or Aorus are probably the best of those if they're around the £100 mark. The Steel Legend is also decent but the DS3H is a bit low end. The 2060 Super would be good for 1440p but I'd personally go for 5700XT if the budget is up to that price. Should be around the same price but will outperform the 2060 Super at that resolution. There's no Gran Turismo on PC unfortunately but there is Forza, Project Cars and Assetto Corsa.


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Some B450 boards may require a bios update before they will work with the ryzen 3600 this is one reason why i suggested the MSI TOMAHAWK MAX as its supported out of the box and also has USB bios flashback option so you can update the bios without a cpu installed.

I would agree with duncfunk the Aorus or Strix would be your next best option and i would also go for a 5700 or xt if your budget allows especially for 1440p.

Also try and get at least 3200mhz DDR4 if you can.


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I would get 16GB of Dual channel RAM. It makes a huge difference in games on Ryzen. If you cannot afford 16GB then get 2x 4GB sticks.


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I am not able to find the 5700x in my area,
and ordering online would cost more.

the 2060 super would be fine running 1440p or 2k resolution
or would there be any problems when running it?

Would the 2070 or 2080 work better?


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can the strix or aorus support the Ryzen 5 3600?
it only says 2nd gen ryzen are supported.
or is the Ryzen 5 2nd gen?


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The 2060 super will be fine for 1440p or if you can find a 2080 non super for a good price even better.

The Aorus and Strix do support the 3600 but only with a certain bios update they may or may not work out of the box there is no guarantee on what bios version you may get.

To update the bios you would need and older cpu like the 2600 to get it to boot as both these board,s don,t have the usb bios flashback feature like most MSI boards provide.

With usb flashback you can update the board with the cpu installed.

If you can get the retailer you are buying the board from to update the bios for you then great but it depends if they offer this service.

newer stock of these boards may have the latest version of a bios but you would need to confirm this will the retailer.


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Thank guys for the recommedations.

Finally Completed my build.

Did not exactly went i as initially wanted but i am happy with the build

AMD Ryzen 5 2600
G.Skill Trident Z 3000mhz 2 x 8GB
AS Rock B450M Steel Legend
Infinity Rampage 750W 80 Plus Gold
AMD RX 570 Armor
Samsung 970 M.2 250GB

Simple Set up with room for future upgrades i think.

However, i am having an issue with this build of mine
Everything checks out fine, Past the POST Screen and installed Windows
and updated all the drivers. My Audio is not working, I have tried troubleshooting
for hours but i cant seem to figure out the problem.

Check the connection and did all the driver updates.
Anyone has experience with AS Rock B450M Steel Legend?
I might have probably make some wrong connections but i am not sure.

Help please!!!


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Where are you taking the audio from? If it's from the back panel of the motherboard then it could be drivers, a faulty board or even just settings within Windows. If it's from the front panel of the case then you need to check the connection to the board. The manual should tell you which cable should plug in where (page 29). If it is via the front, does audio work when plugged into the back? This is all assuming you're connecting headphones via a mini jack connection and not usb. Also did a quick Google search and you need to make sure you're using the B450M drivers and the B450 ones. Worth checking the bios is up to date too.


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Thanks for the help
managed to get the audio working.

Apparently a crucial software was not installed.
The Realtek Audio Manager, didnt come with the new driver update.

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