Thinking of building a AV cabinet - thoughts?


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Current planned size is W:1500 x H:450 x D:600, with the top depth flush fit to wall (ie room for skirting board).

Material most likely 18mm MDF for main frame with intent to black gloss paint and buff to get a piano gloss like finish.

On the bottom, 4 casters, one in each corner and an additional 2 caster centrally under the inner verticals for anti-bowing from equipment weight.

Layout is 3 column, center speaker upper center, AV equipment on the sides with adequate depth for even a extra deep amp and smoke or bronze glass doors. Lower center could be open or may put a drawer there. The upper AV shelves are relatively shallow to allow plenty of room for WiFi antenna on AVR - still 320mm deep though - should be enough for most Blu-ray and STBs, X-box S etc.

I havnt yet decided whether to put a back panel on it - airflow better without of course, but could use a quiet fan kit if needed.

Some images from the CAD app I used (Sketchup)
Front basic frame:
TV Cabinet 150 - 0.jpg
Front with doors and drawer
TV Cabinet 150 -1a.jpg
With equipment block placeholders. The center speaker has more vertical room than needed to allow it to be tilted upwards a little on acoustic foam or gel isolators.
TV Cabinet 150 -1b.jpg
Doors and drawers open
TV Cabinet 150 - 2a.jpg
Underneath - skirt and caster locations (the huge cylinders show the rotation radius - not the actual casters which are quite small).
TV Cabinet 150 - 4a.jpg
Back view - the central section has a back on it for horizontal rigidity (anti skew when moving it). This also serves as a place to attach power blocks, mains filtering etc.
TV Cabinet 150 -3a.jpg
As above with equipment placeholders. On the left (from back) the amp placeholder is the size of a Yamaha A-S1100.
TV Cabinet 150 - 3b.jpg
Space along back for cables, ties etc.

I currently have a 55" TV that weights about 19Kg Total planned equipment loading will be around 60Kg or so. I also have an AVR which is about 11Kg.

My main concern is if in future I buy an additional amp - these can be very heavy (one I'm looking at is apparently 23Kg). This is the reason I am looking at casters under each of the inner verticals and slightly forward of center to handle the extra weight and prevent bowing in future. Do you think this will be adequate?

I known I could go for thicker MDF on the bottom, but for aesthetic reasons I think its better to keep same thickness on top, bottom and sides. Also it would mean increasing overall width if used on sides as well which I would prefer not to do. Also 30mm vs 18mm is nearly double the cost.

Any other thoughts or other feedback anyone sees in this would be most welcome, especially from people who have done custom builds before (I havnt). I plan on getting everything pre-cut as I have no tools for accurate cutting - just a hand power drill and a dremmel.

Thanks all


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Stand looks fantastic and quite similar to one I’m having made myself!


Ignore the colours.

Dimensions are.

Width 250cm
Height 65cm
Depth 62cm.

Planning to house my subwoofer on the right hand side hence the grills. Won’t have a back on that part.

Amp is going to be centre below the speaker. Also open backed.

Then blu ray, sky, sonos, pa4 etc either side of the amp.

Not sure what I’m going to put on the far left.

Using hidden castors for ease of movement.

Regarding hiding the cables, I’m having a ‘lip’ put at the top and all the way around with an 8cm recess to the back of the unit so all the wires will be within the 8cm.

This way it’ll sit flush to the wall also.

Please do continue to upload photos as it will be great to see the finished article. !

Dwayne Dibley

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Hi @Khazul - Did this get built?


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No - I don't really have the space to build it and paint etc, so making do with an Ikea lack hack for now which accommodates my sub and center nicely for about 25 quid outlay. I made another lack hack HiFi rack as well which means the Hifi is now located somewhere else.
(Complete with demonic cat ;)

The are several advantages for me in not having AVR and amps near the TV as I have a lot of other sound equipment elsewhere so now the AVR and amp etc is close to that, but it does mean longer and fatter (due to length) speaker cables, but less cables overall having to be routed around the room.
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Dwayne Dibley

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Looks good. :thumbsup: Thanks for responding.

I've spent the last 2 weekends knocking together something not too dissimilar to your 1st pic - the one with the description....

"Some images from the CAD app I used (Sketchup)
Front basic frame:"

I'll post up a thread, as I'm looking for some inspiration on how to finish it.
Thanks again.


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On finishing, my original plan was something like french polishing with black gloss paint - its hard work (though maybe not with right tools) and will take a while, but can yield a wonderful gloss finish.

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