Thinking if Selling CD72,A75+ and Buying DV79???


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just trying to canvas some opinion from Arcam owners really.
i have as i said above a CD72t, A75+ and a Pioneer DV535 player. i'm thinking of selling all of the above and buying an Arcam dvd player instead (due to the fact that they play CD's so well). :smashin:

I would love to keep the lot, but it's the only way I can raise the funds

What do you guys think???? :lease:

Or am I off my head?? :confused:


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Bump for any help???


Hi John

I don't know a great deal about the DV79 but I doubt it will perform better than the CD72, but it may perform on a par. If you could raise a bit more money or would buy second hand, you could consider one of the FMJ dvd players as I understand they are designed to play CD's at around the same level as the top of the range DiVA CD players and then you should notice an improvement. As newer models have recently come out there are some excellent deals on the last models.

If I were you, I would take the CD72 into an Arcam dealer and do a comparison for yourself and see what you think.

Happy hunting!

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