Thinking about replacing my projector with a (very) large widescreen TV.

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Unless you were willing to Zoom and loose some image you are stuck with black bars top and bottom (2.35:1) or side and side (4:3).
Joe, thanks for that. I'm certainly not keen on loosing any of the image, and since I'd want to stick to constant-height I would have black bars top. bottom, side and side in 16:9 and 4:3 too, assuming that shrinking the picture to that extent would even be possible. I don't like the thought of paying for all that screen and then not using a good proportion of it, so a 16:9 set is clearly not the way to go for me.

I'm coming more and more to the thought that what I need to do is get the projector accessible from the room rather than only from the loft. At the moment though I can't see a neat way of achieving that.

I have wondered about the possibility of a long-throw lens which would let me mount the projector against the back wall rather than in the middle of the room, but I haven't looked into the idea in any detail - and even if some kind of add-on were possible, wouldn't it, and the increased throw, cause a significant drop in brightness?
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Bert Coules

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The Dreamer, thanks for the thoughts. The UST models I've looked at don't seem to meet the spec or the performance of my current machine, so I'm reluctant to downgrade.

Replacing the projector lift is a good idea, and one which honestly hadn't occurred to me; I would still need access to the loft to pull back and tidy the cables after replacing the projector but that would be a whole lot easier than manhandling the whole thing in the limited space.

The lift fitted is the largest in the Pure range and I'm not sure if anyone makes a larger, but I'll check. The JVC is a pretty massive unit and annoyingly just too tall to be slid out of the cradle. Another possibility, which has also only just struck me, is to look at the feasibility of cutting away most of the rear panel of the cradle to afford room-access to the connections and the bulb chamber.

Projector lift rear.jpg

Projector lift front.jpg
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