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For the last 16 years I have had cars through my company car scheme. It has a very limited list of makes to choose from, most of which are beyond my allowance so it has meant a succession of Golfs, a Focus and a Passat. Currently have a Golf Estate 2.0 TDI GT.

Been on low emission diesels to minimize the company car tax.

But it has been quite comforting in a way because it is very easy - choose a car from a limited list, drive it for 3 years, hand it back. Don't have to worry about insurance, maintenance, excess miles or dings - they are all the schemes problem.

Considering moving to a different business within the same parent company, but they don't operate the car scheme, you can only take the cash allowance.

So this would mean buying a car outright or going for a Lease/PCP. Haven't owned a car for 16 years and never had a Lease/PCP so its all a bit new and bewildering to me and I won't have long to sort it out.

Looking at a few lease companies, one thing that jumps out is that, unlike my current car scheme, they factor in the residuals properly. So when I look at the cost of say an Audi A3 and and Audi A6 the cost comes out pretty much the same (assuming you are going to hand it back at the end of the term).

Just wondering whether anyone here has any advice good cars to look at, Lease or PCP, good lease companies and any poo traps to watch out for.

Car Make/Model - I have had mostly VW Golfs in the last years - looking for something a little luxurious and prestigious. Thing like the Audi A6 and the BMW 5 seem to do well on the lease schemes being well loaded with features (leather upholstery as standard etc.) - not sure whether I want a car that big but the price is attractive. For example my current car a Golf Estate 2.0 TDI GT lists at around £26k - this seems ridiculous compared with an Audi A6 SE Exec for about £31k. In fact if I added leather seats to my VW and a few other bits it would cost more than the A6.

Would appreciate hearing any advice or experience.



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