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Hi all

I have the Sanyo Z3 hooked up via HDMI to a Samsung 905 for my DVD's, I'm now thinking about a games console....can anyone recommend a console and how best to connect?

Many thanks in advance for any help!

Tony :)


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I've got my Gamecube hooked up to my Sanyo Z1 via official Nintendo component cable. I buy NTSC games and use Freeloader to enable beautiful progressive scan :D

Of course you could always wait for the Xbox360 or buy a modded Xbox. My 360's on pre-order but for now I'm well happy with the Cube, you can buy them at crazy prices now aswell.

If you get a Cube, I'd recommend Resi Evil 4 and Super Monkeyball 2 to get you started :thumbsup:


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You may as well go for the Xbox 360 - high-def gaming for your hi-def PJ! :) However, if money is an issue then you can get some great deals on current gen consoles, all of them have good games depending what genre you are in to.
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