Think the HDD in our work PS3 is goosed!


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Hello guys, looks like the HDD in the PS3 at work is nackered, it's the PS3 slim, a good few years old and well out of warranty. It was coming up saying there was corrupt data, I booted into safe mode and tried to do the initial step of restoring default settings, it done this for around 45 minutes but to no avail. Being the tech geek in the office, I've been given the task of sorting it, so it's basically as simple as grabbing a compatible 2.5" drive and loading the firmware into a USB stick?



basically yes
Update features (ver 4.55) - PlayStation 3, PS3 system software

on the clean usb make file PS3 with in that file make an other UPDATE (both in caps) load file in to there
stick in ps3 and update from [Update via Storage Media]

Before starting, use your PC to create a folder named 'PS3' on the storage media or USB device. Within the folder, create a folder named 'UPDATE' (This folder name is case sensitive and must appear in all capital letters). Once the UPDATE folder has been created, download the PS3 system software update to this location.

Once the update data has been saved, disconnect the storage device and connect it to your PS3 via the slots under the slot cover or the USB connectors depending on the device you're using.

Once connected, navigate to Settings on the PS3 Home Menu, select [System Update] and then [Update via Storage Media]. Select the connected device and your PS3 will install the update data stored there.
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