Think I need a degree to connect this projector, please help



I am now the proud owner of 1 VPLHS20. Trouble is, it is my first baby & I have a choice of connections as long as my arm.I hope someone can help with the easiest way to do this?

Common sense tells me that there should be an output of some type on my TV so that any signal coming into it, can also go to the projector? however, I suppose this would be too simple, & therefore this is my scenario, Sony projector comes with 1 X multi lead, this has the following connection plugs 1=Y 2=PB/CB 3=PR/CR 4=S video 5=video

I would like to be able to watch all types of input without too much fussing, i.e NTL Digital cable TV + Video recorder + DVD
I dont have a 5.1 amp, it is a standard Rotel amplifier & I would like all audio to go through it.

Therefore, if there are any scientists out there that can advise on the easiest way to do all this, it would be much appreciated. As the Sony manual is as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.

P.S I realise the answer will depend to some degree on my DVD, & cable box & TV connections, however they are all fairly new & I presume have the normal gizmos,

Thanks In advance,

Newbie (with headache)

Peter Parker

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Quite often the AV1 scart will have audio and video out, so that whatever you see on the tv, will go out via these - probably only s-video though. You'll have to check and see.

My tv has stereo phonos out for the audio, so I route that to my amp, and whatever I see on the tv can be heard from the amp. Hopefully in your case the same may be the case for both audio and video.

If you have a portable tv with a scart, you may be able to test the main tv AV1 scarts output by connecting them together.



Thanks lightfoot.

Does that mean I just have to fit like a double adaptor & away I go?

Also does it mean I can get an adaptor for the connections coming from the projector to change them to AV scart.

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