Think I blew up my subwoofer... looking for a dual-voltage or ~220v subwoofer now!

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Recently got my hands on a Denon AVR-x2500h and pair of Elac B6's.

I'm now looking for a subwoofer to finish the setup. Most of the budget recommendations I've found include the Dayton 10" and the Monoprice 12", however these are both 120v. As I live in Singapore, I need either a dual-voltage or 220v-240v subwoofer.

Back story: I actually bought a used Dayton Sub-1000 from someone that imported it into Singapore, along with a step-down transformer since it's 120v, but seemed to have blown it up today when I switched the mains power off to my apartment. What happened was I switched off the mains power, I heard a loud pop from the woofer, and when the mains power was turned back on, the woofer now has a loud, constant hum. The hum is there regardless of whether the switch on the woofer was set to On, Auto or Off. There is no change when I play music through the AVR either, the loud constant hum remained and no music played through.

  1. Did I screw my sub? Do the above symptoms sound like something easily repairable?
  2. Could the 200w transformer have been insufficient for my 100w Dayton sub? Could switching off the power at the mains have caused some sort of power surge?
  3. I had the transformer plugged into the wall socket. Should I connect the transformer to a power board with some sort of surge protection in the future or is wall socket fine?
  4. Generally speaking, is there anything wrong with importing a US electronics item and using a transformer? Am I taking a risk or is this perfectly acceptable?
If unrepairable, can you recommend any good subs <US$200? Obviously need something with correct voltage for Singapore, or dual-voltage. I would love to get my hands on another Dayton or the Monoprice 12" but I'm just not sure if this happened because I used a incorrect voltage (albeit with a transformer) subwoofer.
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