Think Floyd!


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Went to see the Pink Folyd tribute band last night, Think Floyd. The first time I bothered about going to see a tribute band but I heard these were pretty good so decided to give it a go.
Have to admit, I had my reservations about seeing a Pink Floyd tribute as I couldn't imagine they could be recreated that well, and to me especially The Wall stuff, you really need all the sounds/speech/shouting and effects to make it work properly.
Well, I couldn't have hoped for a better night:D , everything was right, virtualy the whole of The Wall was covered (in correct track order:smashin: ) and man, these guys must be true dedicated fans, I mean they recreated just about everything, even the drummer and keyboard player jumping in for the added vocals and screams etc. If you're a fan of Pink Floyd and have chance to go see this band then trust me, it's well worth the £13.00 ticket price.

They finished the night with a near perfect cover of Money,

:clap: :clap: :clap:


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I saw Think Floyd a couple of years ago, doing The Wall - they even had kids from a local drama school on stage acting the various characters throughout the songs.

Even better, in my opinion, are The Austrailian Pink Floyd Show who I have seen at least 5 or so times over the past few years. Saw them on their recent tour where the first half of the show is the entire Dark Side of the Moon album. They have an absolutely awesome light show designed by the same people who did the real Floyd's light show on the Pulse tour. Really worth making the effort to see them.


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I saw Think Floyd years ago in a small pub gig, but I wasn't very impressed - although they might have improved since then as it was quite a while ago.

However, I saw the aussie Pink Floyd a few weeks ago in Cardiff International Arena - and I thought they were excellent. Every guitar solo was spot on. They even appeared to be using the same footage projected on the circular screen on stage as Floyd themselves used on their last tour - except for the odd flash of Dame Edna sneaked in now and again.


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Yep, the aussie pink floyd are very good, i saw them a few years back in lowestoft, their playing is spot on.


see the aussie pink floyd a couple of times at the university, can't fault them as a copy band. the sound and visuals, aided by the acustics of the hall were really good. I would prefer to see them in a field with a nice big rig and camp fires burning than sitting in a hall but hey...They should line them up at Glastonbury one year. Rodger Walters went down well and with the main stage and quadrophonic sound system they would do well


I got 3 DVD to watch the Flloyd with, all I seen were a lot of Beach Boys, Ventures, AC-DC, Guns-N-Roses and a few tripper bands from the 70's. I like the DVD "Delicate Sound of Thunder" I got from the private forum that sells them at $19.95 plus shipping
it's 4: 3 OAR. I stretch it like concerts, it's in stereo not monoural like my VHS tape 'was', as I threw the bloody tape down the garbage chute.


saw the aussie pink floyd last month in belfast it was such an excellent night


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After the recomendations here I wish I'd caught one of the Aussie Pink Floyd UK tour dates, shame I missed 'em all this time, ah well, I'll keep checking for their next tour;)

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