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Hey y'all,

I am a big fan of PS VR! Um...For anyone in Sony Inc....I want you to re-make CSI and 007 games for PS VR.....more like the remastered games? Is anyone willing to do that? I really want that. I thought that will be cool. Is anyone agree with me? Lol


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Sony don't own those games so it's not worth asking them, CSI would work well in VR Ubisoft did have the license for them not sure if they still do, as for 007 It could work but Activation has the license and your more likely to see a guitar hero game come back than them doing a new 007.


I could never have asked for more than the Rez remaster. It was so perfect.

But if I was being cheeky, I'd love remasters of Time Crisis and Point Blank (and their sequels). A version of Silent Scope. And maybe some driving game remasters. Ridge Racer maybe. And Rollcage (I didn't like Grip very much).

And maybe get Sega to work on an Afterburner/Space Harrier/Out Run collection. But losing the wack original arcade games and putting in Out Run 2 and Afterburner Climax instead.

And a Libero Grande / FIFA Be a Pro mode type of thing.

And Resident Evil 4 remake in VR.

And Every Extend Extra because Rez and Tetris looked good in VR, I'm sure that would.


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House of the Dead:Overkill would be at the top of my wish list loved it so much on my Wii. And the soundtrack was class aswell.

Closely followed by Panzer Dragoon


Please remaster G-police from the PS1.

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