Things you would buy again


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Are there any products that have had a lasting impression on you so much so that you would buy one again in a heartbeat?

For me it's:

Mechanical keyboard
Merrells shoes
Uniball Jetstream pen
Kindle Paperwhite


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I was going to suggest toothpaste and the like..

But seriously "Jan Marini Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser" wish I had used this as a teenager.


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Hopefully I won't need to for a while, but a replacement for my Harmony One remote.

Other noteables
1960 Ragtop Beetle
The site I built this house on.
DSLR camera
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Timberland boots (currently wearing roll-tops because I'm a gangsta)


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2000 plate Ford focus....Only just got rid of her, still got years of life left...But just had to upgrade for the wife....So got another focus for her :smashin:
Nec PlasmaSync 42" Display, 10 years old now and still going strong, in my Sister in laws house now.
Onkyo Amp

Ed Selley

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In terms of things that wear out and will need to be replaced rather than one off successful purchases, ThinkPads, the iPad, Canon DSLR and Naim Audio. Pretty much everything else is up for tender.

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Karcher Patio cleaning attachment. Saves a huge amount of time, back ache and soaked clothing!


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A Lumagen Video Processor - best company I've ever dealt with for customer service
A Brabantia stainless steel bin - though I should never need another one as they replace anything that breaks after a phone call


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Lotus Elise :thumbsup:

If and when I can afford to have just a weekend car!


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A decent cordless drill!
In fact, any good quality tool. I have used some cheap stuff in the past and it always breaks or just isn't up to the task.
My Cannondale F2 with lefty fork. Love it.


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In the kitchen:
Coffee Maker;
Water Softener;
Slow Cooker;

Logitech Remote (650 probably);
Smartphone (not necessarily iPhone);
Jaguar XF;
Kindle (will replace my old keyboard one with Paperwhite when the time comes);
DAB Clock radio;


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-----north face trainers, so comfy
On my third pair of these, quality footwear.
Also agree with Mr Wistles, Ipad, Iphone, and sky plus, may be unpopular with some but I love these.
My Ipod Nano 3rd gen is still going strong, and gets regular use.
Sennheiser cx300 lug plugs, best bang for buck in-ears around.
Casio Protrek watch, with compass/altimeter/barometer, on my third one of these.
Levi 501s, I don't wear any other kind of denim.
edit:- in the kitchen...a warming drawer, probably gets used more than any other single appliance apart from the kettle.


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Oh Power Devil cheap circular saw....about 7 years old now and has proved to be a worthy Allie. Lost count now of how much it has done but only last year I put a DeWalt blade on as the old one just loosing it's edge....:eek: Amazing.
Exact Saw. JML Jobby Unbelievably handy for laminate flooring.
(I am not a chippy or anything but have done a few kitchens and loads of decking and flooring )


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For me it would be an iMac. It changed me from being someone who got frustrated at computers into someone who actually enjoyed using one.

Second for me is the Philips Hue. It gets used every single day. If I haven't got my mood lighting right, I struggle to relax after a hard days graft.


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Kawasaki KH400

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