things we KNOW about virgin media services( to help potential customers)


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ill start the ball rolling!!!

1. picture quality on skys premium channels is awful and sometimes unwatchable( this is probably skys doing)

2. vm will NEVER have skys premium channels in HD

3. vm v+ box and service is very very buggy compaired to sky +

4. vm on demand service whilst is a great idea, as yet vm have not been able to offer what customers want!!!

5. vm does not have sky one, sky news, sky travel, sky sports news.

6. half of virgin medias customer services have been moved to INDIA therefore it is very hit and miss as to wether you get through to someone who can understand you let alone someone who knows what they are tallking about.

7. virgin media engineer call outs are FREE

8. v+ installation and equipment is FREE

9. virgin media broadband is exceptional

10. vm talk unlimited is exceptional

any more for any more??


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Point 2 is probably correct, but not definite.
I'd alter that one, if I were you :smashin:


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i disagree i cant see how sky wil ever allow there hd channels to be shown on vm, they are even trying to stop us seeing sky movies and sky sports in standard definition by ****ing with our picture quality somehow!!!

but ok maybe not 100% definate, but pretty damn unlikley!:devil:


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I don't disagree :smashin:
But seeing as you've started a thread aimed at potential customers (which is a good idea and may even be made a sticky) you should stick to facts not conjecture.

Oh, also you forgot the lack of 5.1 :smashin:


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1. Picture quality is superb
2. On demand, when working, is excellent
3. The ability to record 2 programs & watch a 3rd is better than Sky's offer
4. Customer Care are pleasant and helpful
5. Broadband is far superior than any rival
6. You cannot watch match choice on football first. My biggest gripe with virginmedia


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4. vm on demand service whilst is a great idea, as yet vm have not been able to offer what customers want!!!

I disagree with that. I find the on-demand section absolutely superb, and it keeps me more than happy with all it's content and it's ease of use. Sure, it's a little bit slow, but hardly enough to worry about.

I'd like to add my own point, and it's something I never realised until I recently moved from Sky+ to V+...

The V+ box is a lot more friendly, and is almost "TiVo" like in the way it asks you questions about your recordings. When I am recording and viewing stuff on the V+ it will ask me questions about what I want to do, such as....

"This is part 1 of a 3 part mini-series, would you like to record all of the series?"

"You have finished watching your recorded programme, What would you like to do now? [Recordings] [Live TV] [Guide] [Delete]"

"You have chosen to record the series of "........" - which episodes would you like to record? [This Week] [All] [View Episodes] [Cancel]"

"Are you sure you want to delete "......"?"

That last one is a blinder. :)


"Are you sure you want to delete "......"?"

That last one is a blinder. :)

Personally, I found the Sky+ method of protecting your recordings a far more useful method in a household of teenagers. The above doesn't help at all.

By far my biggest gripe with the VOD is that you can't return to a program and start viewing where you left off. There is also no method to find out what you have watched in the past.

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