Things I've learned about Pioneer Plasma's


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You guys may already know some of this or all, but thought I would share the knowledge anyway which I gleaned from repairing these things;

1.The 435 range like the 436 range uses panels manufactured by Pioneer. The part number for the panel for the 436 is PDU-4306 whilst the 435 is PDU-4305 – that’s what I call sensible naming of parts.

2.The 435 and 436 panels do not have a third external glass shield to protect the actual plasma panel like the Hitachi and Fujitsu units do.

3.The Pioneer panels have a dark tinted film glued to the outer glass to give the screen a dark appearance, this is why it also marks and scratches easily.

4.The 436SXE does use a single fan to cool the integrated media hardware which is separate in the XDE range.

5.If you face the rear of the panel and look at the top left hand corner through the perforations in the rear cover, you will see a white sticker which shows the panels build date (i.e. MARCH 2006).

6.The HOURS USED value is not stored within the actual panel, since the panel does not have any non-volatile devices to store this data, only the media hardware does.


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How do they compare to the other brands i.t.o. quality?, do the pioneers realy deserve the higher price you pay?.



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Well, the build quality tends to be the same as the higher end Plasma's, however, its the panel and technology that you pay the higher price for.

In all honestly, the extra I paid for my Pioneer was definately worth the investment. The PQ when properly calibrated really is where the extra money went.

Also, they look great in any room.


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I'm very happy with mine, but I do have some retention going on. I'm getting the pioneer screen wash disc.

Hope it helps.

Can you reduce retention building up with certain picture settings?, or is it simply a question of good/bad luck when buying one?.

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