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Thin Wire HDMI Cables?


Does anybody know where i can get a 5m HDMI to HDMI cable from that has a thin wire? I have gotten 1m HDMI cables from a seller on eBay that has a really thin wire and only for 99p, but thats the only size he does. But anything else longer and the prices are really high, £25 for a thin wire 5m HDMI cable...really!!!??

Does anybody know of a sight based in the UK that stocks thin HDMI cables for a reasonable price?

Joe Fernand

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The reason the 5m cables you are seeing ‘jump’ in price are they likely include active signal extender circuitry within one of the Connectors!

As you go long/reduce cable diameter there is far more chance of your signal not passing over the cable.

A very thin, passive, 5m cable may work in your system – then again it may not!



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I got one from Amazon for about £3 I think. But as Joe says it could be a waste of money. Mine worked fine on my Virgin cable boxes, worked on both a TiVo and a V+ box even through an unpowered splitter. But just got a blank screen when used with my PS3. Don't know if this related to the cable boxes outputting 1080i and the PS3 outputting 1080p. What's the reason for it being thin? If its to run under a carpet you can buy flat HDMI cables that will be a far better quality. Also if buying through Amazon always read the reviews before buying this will give a good indication that if will suit your requirements.


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Steroc - 1080i to 1080p could be a factor as the signal bandwidth is higher.
Good idea about a flat cable.

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