Thin on-wall VS in-wall speakers


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I am designing a room that will function mostly as a home cinema with a projector and 7.1 audio.

I was looking at thin on-wall speakers such as the Mythos XTR-40 or the KEF T Series which are less than 4cm deep.

Since this is a new build and I can design the room as I want, would it be better to go with in-wall speakers instead of thin on-walls?

Would in-walls give me better quality for a lower price?

Would it be harder to upgrade the in-wall speakers in the future?

Are there any other equally thin (or thinner) on-walls which are better (but not more expensive) from the ones I mentioned earlier?



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Anybody knows anything about this? Or the thin on-wall speakers are still too new and nobody tired them yet?


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Hey bud, i just posted the same thread the other day, i have a 7.1 surround running from my laptop which is also connected to my tv, i was looking at the kef t series, im renting at the min so i can not put any holes in the walls, is your house built yet? what setup did you end up with? you should read my thread on this forum, there is speakers you can actually cover with plaster so you can not see them at all, hope this helps

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I would personaly go with inwalls, you ought to try a demo of MK inwalls.

I promise you once you do this you will never want to upgrade them

Allan :smashin:


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Several things come into play here.

One is budget?

The next is the construction of the room. For me, in-wall speakers in a brick, stone, mortar, block wall are far more impractical that in-wall speakers in a stud frame/SheetRock wall. If you have brick/block construction, many simply build a false wood frame wall over the brick/block.

The advantage to on-wall speakers is that, if you change your mind, you can always move them to a new location. IN-wall are stuck in the location you place them.

The best price I could find on the Mythos XTR-40 are £599, and I suspect that might be EACH. That is a lot of money for a very specialized speaker. And that money could probably be applied to better In-Room speakers. Is there a reason why you don't want In-Room speakers?

On the other hand, you can get some very large and substantial in-wall speakers as well.

A range of examples -

B&W CWM LCR 7 in-wall speaker Hifi Gear

B&W CWM LCR 8 in wall speaker Hifi Gear

B&W CWM7.3 in-wall speaker Hifi Gear

B&W Signature 8 NT In-wall speaker Hifi Gear

Speakercraft AIM LCR3 ONE Hifi Gear

SpeakerCraft AIM LCR3 Five Hifi Gear

SpeakerCraft AIM LCR 3 Hifi Gear

SpeakerCraft AIM Cinema One Hifi Gear

SpeakerCraft AIM Cinema Three Hifi Gear

SpeakerCraft AIM Cinema Five Hifi Gear

But again, it is hard to place this in a brick or block wall.

Though now that I've written this post, I realize the original post originated in 2010. Still, information to consider.

To the more recent poster who is renting, well in-wall in-ceiling seem not to be an option of you if you can cut any holes. That only leaves in-room speaker as a possible choice.


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