Thiele-Small parameters for woofer in SVS SB13/SC13 subwoofer


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Would anyone be able to tell me the Thiele-Small driver parameters for the 13" woofer in the SVS SB13/SC13 subwoofer? I'd be interested in learning what they are. :lease:

The Thiele-Small parameters include the following quantities: Qts, Qes, Qms, Rvc, and Vas. A free-air impedance curve for the driver would also be interesting to see, as would the driver's Xmax value.

I wish to see how this driver compares to the NHT 1259 12" woofer, which has also had good results in subwoofer applications.


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i belive there are easier ways if you have the test kit (very expensive).

Yes, there are quite a few bits of test gear out there that can measure the Thiele-Small parameters. One of them, Imp/M, was actually quite low in cost. It could measure impedance and SPL response curves and display/process them on a PC via the printer port. Imp/M was followed by a soundcard-based product called Audiosuite, which has also moved on to something more sophisticated. Other test systems that can measure impedance curves and SPL response curves are CLIO, LMS, MLSSA, SysID, System One, as well as a few others that I can't recall at the moment.

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