Thiele-Small loudspeaker database



Some months ago I started a site dedicated to loudspeaker data. It now contains almost 4200 different models.

The name is The Thiele Small Loudspeaker Database

It is intended as a market overview and technical reference.

I hope you will data for you loudspeaker projects there!


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Wow that's impressive! Where did you get the data for the speakers made by the manufacturer "SPL"? :eek:


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Well done on all the research!

[Doesn't mention any of mine; Monitor Audio (Radius) or M J Acoustics (Reference 100).]



Alberto Escrina of SPL sent me the data on SPL.

If you miss some data on the site, please let me know
and I will try to find and add it....


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Congratulations Jan.

I'm wondering why the SEAS 25F-EWRX doesn't produce a response? It's a popular unit in David Purton's "Coupled Cavity Subwoofers". (I know it's been discontinued) But I wouldn't mind the TS data for my units. Yes, I know I'm being 'picky'. :)

I believe this is a large database of speaker units (cones, magnet, basket etc) not complete loudspeakers. You would need to know the particular unit used by your boxes/subs to be able to find the TS data. Not impossible but you would have to take the boxes apart or remove the unit to check the manufacturer's label. (if any) Which I DO NOT recommend as you will probably say goodbye to the manufacturer's guarantee and may cause (expensive) damage. Units are not easy things to play with. Heavy magnets and very fragile cones & suspension make an unhappy combination until safely screwed in place on a solid baffle. I'd leave them that way if I were you.



I will ask SEAS for the data, unless you can provide it.

If a model is not on the site it is probably because of lack of time.

There are several reasons for not including boxes on the site. One is that they tend to be a more local market than drivers and therefore there are many small brands around. So a comparison between brands is less meaningfull. However, for high end hifi and quality PA units it's a different story. I will consider this, but now I am fully busy with the drivers. I think I need a few thosand more before I can say I have covered the market. I estimate this will take at least a year. And then there will be new models, new brands, others going out of business. Eventually, the work level off, and I may start thinking of other aproaches.


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Originally posted by NIMBY
I believe this is a large database of speaker units (cones, magnet, basket etc) not complete loudspeakers.

Ah - good point; my shortsightedness/ignorance!



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I would like to know wich speakers use each driver... :rolleyes:


Back again. During the last month I have added another thousand models, so there is now data for almost 5100 different drivers. Enjoy!

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