They're at the Co-op now



I went to the coop to buy a decent frying pan and came back with this:

They are on sale at £899.00 come with a very solid alloy stand, wall mountable and had sturdy detachable speakers. I am a CCTV engineer by profession and I judged it to be a very watchable picture. I have a DVD that has componenent output so, as this screen has the inputs, I have a very high quality picture off DVD. If you read the blurb, it has a more than adequate array of inputs including VGA, and DVI. There is an analogue tuner on-board, (so did you think you would get digi for this price!!). It uses the same menu structure as my Goodmans 26" LCD.

As the Co-op is 200 metres from my house, I wont have any expensive costs for return if it goes faulty.

This appears to be made in Swizerland, (I would say 'assembled') It is a 'fanless design' and I would be interested to know who makes the actual panel.

I have fitted a subwoofer for those little 'sonic moments' and recently watched the movie 'The Island' on it. We were all very impressed with the picture quality for such a cheap Plasma. Fingers crossed that it continues so. I wouldnt think that the Co-oP would want the headache of faulty products.


will be interested to hear feedback after a few weeks use

at that price could well consider one for the bedroom


will also be very interested to hear how you get on with it after some time. is the dvi socket hdcp compliant? can't help thinking i've seen it somewhere else before though...

enjoy your new purchase



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it does look very familiar......couldn't see its resolution anywhere though?


This is all very interesting systemspecialis but what we really want to know is...Did you get your frying pan?

Neil F Holland

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Out of the frying pan...

the highlander

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i have the Anthony worrell Thompson pan :) no problems whatsoever with any egg retention :D
i will go and have a look at this panel tomorrow at my local CO-OP :thumbsup: my sister in-law can get a 20% discount :rolleyes:


the highlander said:
my sister in-law can get a 20% discount :rolleyes:

want to pick me one up whilst you're there? worth the risk with a 20% discount :thumbsup:


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My nearest co-op superstore is at Whitby 40 miles away just rang them they have a tv in called a swisstec at £899 but not the skymedia type i had seen the swiistec and it looked ok but think ill go for the hyundai over at at £999 inc 2 yr warranty


The Frying Pan has proved highly reliable in use- so far. The PDP is still great. I have now watched 'The Phantom of The opera' which we all thought was stunning. The living room is going to be re-arranged this weekend to get the screen centrally on opposite end wall. I have to get the ladders out and re-route the aerial cable. (its less messy than having it going all round the room!). Eventually there will be a HTPC, wall mount and 5 channel sound. When its all done I'll post a photo

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