They Think It's All Over - Should It Be ?

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Aug 6, 2001
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For years now one of the highlights of my televisual week has been They Think It's All Over which has consistently made me laugh.

I have been very disappointed with the current series and think that perhaps they have run out of ideas and it is now time to knock the program on it's head.

At one time Phil Tufnell and David Seaman were talented sportsmen but that doesn't make them particularly talented television performers and it shows, as the scripted gags are now too obvious and the onscreen rivalry that Gower and Lineker had is missing.

The program has become too predictable and by the time they have made the now customary couple of jokes about Phil Tufnell and drugs, David Seaman letting in goals, David Beckham's IQ, Wayne Rooney's size, Pete Sampras's body hair there is no time left for anything new.

Anyone else think that this program has gone stale or am I just an old curmudgeon
I think it went stale a while ago: haven't watched for a long time. I can't stand Nick Hancock, which doesn't help.

It's quite a stark contrast to Never Mind the Buzzcocks, which I still find fairly fresh and amusing. NMTB is quite happy to take the mickey out of itself, but Nick Hancock takes himself too seriously. Ad he's not funny. And his voice is annoying. And he just makes me want to punch him.
I don't think it's been the same since Lee Hurst left the show. I went to see it live a few times and he made the show what it was. What were soon to become out takes were often hilarious just because he was such a loony.
I totally agree with you Ian. I have been watching some of the old repeats on UKG2 and they are much funnier than the current series (even though they are out of date.)
it seems to be very formulaic, but tuffers and seamen are possibly still settling into the roles - meybe it'll improve.

As for buzzcocks, that season pass has been removed from my TiVo! The Lamar has lost the plot - it should be renamed the Mark Lamar Show.
I watched it last night for the first time in ages. Seaman seemed to be permanently laughing at what was going on, without actually contributing anything funny himself.

I saw Lee Hurst a couple of times live and he was pretty good. The first time, we explained to him what a "mackem" was (this was in Newcastle). A year later, he made a mackem joke, to huge applause from the crowd.

Off topic for one question was that you Ian that was the Ian J mentioned on FIVE this morning?
Nothing to it.
It was a letter read out by a continuity announcer say an Ian J had wrote in saying (something like) he was enjoying the programs.
Originally posted by Garrett
It was a letter read out by a continuity announcer say an Ian J had wrote in saying (something like) he was enjoying the programs.

I've often wondered what sort of person writes in to people like that or Points of View but it certainly wasn't me.

I only write in to the problem pages in women's mags.
Agree about you win IACGMOOH and that makes you a good presenter.

Sorry mate,its back to the locker room for you.
Got to agree with this. I watch the old ones on UK Gold but only managed to sit through one with the new people on. In my view we shouldn't be making light of and glamourising people just because they've smoked a joint - wow what a hero :rolleyes:
Im on the band wagon with this too, the best episodes. were Linekar and Gower.

Woss is funny and a good replacement for Lee Evans.
Originally posted by Ian J

I only write in to the problem pages in women's mags.

Keep drinking the Cranberry Juice and go see your chemist :smashin:

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