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They killed my 6230!!!


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After surfing the net I discovered that my 6230 had the original software and there has been a few software upgrades since then that are designed to improve the phone and give more functions etc. As there is a Nokia service centre next door to work I dropped it in there and the nice chap told me to come back in an hour and it would all be done for me, no charge! :thumbsup:

So when I go back he tells me there has been some sort of problem and the phone is dead!!!! Kaputt! Broken! Now I had already read the little signs around the shop which state that if there are any problems created by repairs or upgrades then the shop will not be held responsible.

The shop assistant chap was obviously very nervous about my phone dying (well I guess when you kill a phone and the owner is standing in front of you in police uniform looking a wee bit upset, it can have that effect!!!) and asked that if I wanted to leave it at the shop until the next day then he'd have another crack at it tomorrow and I could go back then to see how it went although if it was really dead then I would have to send it to Nokia for them to sort it out. (Thought it was a bit naughty that they wouldn't send it off!). Then he said something that did upset me... He said that they didn't supply replacement phones.... Not the best thing he could've said! I explained to him that by the nature of my job sometimes it is essential to have a phone with me (need to be able to reply to my ladies when they text me!!! ;) ) so could he speak to the manager or if he'd prefer, I'd be happy to speak to the manager.

He made a phone call (obviously not on my phone!!!! GRRR!!) and said that the manager said he could loan me a replacement until mine was sorted. So yes, he dug out the oldest, biggest, ugliest phone in the shop for me! Hee hee hee!

Absolutely no purpose to this thread at all except it helps me to rant a little!!! :laugh:

Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem before?


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Love it lol.
Tell him if you dont get a new phone ure stich him up lol


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Hee hee, I don't think I hate to, the fear was obvious in his face!!!!


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Of course if they had charged you even a token amount, you'd have a contract and they'd be liable. Goes to prove that there's no such thing as a free lunch :thumbsdow



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I had the phone since April last year (birthday prezzie to myself).
Went back today and yes... It's completely buggered! I have to send it off to Nokia (at my own expense) and hope they can sort it.

I am not a happy bunny.

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