These speakers worth upgrading with new amp?


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Hi all,

Looking to upgrade my system in the hopefully not too distant future. Currently have a Yamaha RX-V100D DAB receiver feeding Mordaunt Short MS30 front pair and Mordaunt Short CS-1 center and rears. Anyone else remember these?

I've had these speakers from new, must be around 15 years now, and they were thought pretty decent at the time from what I recall. I like the overall sound though it is occasionally a bit dense (guess the speakers are getting a bit tired from daily useage over this time though the've never been driven hard) and teh soundstage with films could be better defined but space requirements have meant merging the film and stereo gear (and PS3, Xbox 360 and Virgin V+ box).

I've never felt the need for a sub as the MS30's provide enough bass for me whatever the source. Guess it's a warm, quite rich sound. I don't like harsh or brittle top end or real thumping bass.

If I was to upgrade the amp to something like a Yamaha RX-V1065 would it be worthwhile or even necessary to upgrade the speakers as well? The center at least could be better but I like the bigger front pair for normal stereo use.

I'd be very interested in some suggestions to consider to give me a ballpark price to aim for to make a worthwhile and noticable upgrade. I'd guess we're looking at around £1200 or so for something decent???? Thanks.


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You could look at these £1265 for a full surround set

Monitor Audio RS8, RSLCR, RSW12 sub and BRFX surrounds.

Monitor Audio Silver RS6 AV Speaker Package - Quantum Electronics (UK) Limited

Pretty much half price due to the release of the RX series. They would be better driven with the amp above the 1065, the 2065 at £690. An even better amp would be the Yamaha 1900, which Quantum are showing as coming in --- not sure what their source is as they were discontinued last year. The 1900 is still a better option than the 2065 in my view though, even though the 2065 was this years 1900s replacment. Last years models were a better build quality. The 2065 does have network connectivity though if that is useful to you. The 1900 has more input flexibility though.

Yamaha RX-V1900 AV Receiver - Quantum Electronics (UK) Limited

The speaker package BTW has the surrounds from the lower, bronze range. You could buy the set less the surrounds and get some RS1s as surrounds from here:

Monitor Audio RS1

The BRFX surrounds may be better if you need to wall mount the surrounds though.

As you can see from my sig, with the 1900 and the RS1s as surrounds, the setup that I have and I'm well pleased with it.
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Thanks. That's an amazing price.

Was kinda thinking more of around £1200 including the amp though to be honest, not just the speakers :) and probably something a bit smaller too. Those surrounds look big. Probably do sound awesome though.

Would keeping the MS30s for use with music and then something like the B&W MT-25 or KEF3005SE package for the film side of things be any good? or is there no life left in the MS30's and a full upgrade will be needed with a new amp?

Thanks for the suggestion though. I'll keep an eye on the range as I have heard lots of good things about them.

Amp wise, not sure I could justify going to the 2065 though the network ability would be useful. The 1065 looked like a bit of a bargain at it's current prices and I'd imagine would be quite a step up from my current model anyway.

The 1900 does look great if there's any still around though it's way overpowered for my needs. But will keep my eyes on the site to see if stock does indeed come in.


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I think in your position, I would initially keep the speakers and decide if they need upgrading when you get a new amp. I daily use speakers that I've had for thirty years in a stereo setup and they still sound good to me.

You're right, the 1065 is a bargain as it was a £700 amp and so is the 2065 as that was a £900 amp. The 1900, was a £1000 amp that sold for £850, so the £695 is a good price. An even better bargain, that I discoverd last night is the step above amp, the Yamaha 3900 which can be had for £870 from AV land. This has network connectivity and is the amp I would have liked, but was £1200 back in June when I bought my 1900, so out of my preice range.

I think the amp you choose should be the one appropriate to drive the speaker you would upgrade to if you find your current ones won't do the job.

You mention keeping your MT30s for music and getting a style speaker system for movies. How would you plan to do that? Buy a separate stereo amp for music (the system I have) or have a speaker switch to switch between the MT30s and the style package front speakers, or use the MT30s as the front left and right, with the rest of the speakers from the style package?. With this last option, you would also need the centre from your MA speakers to enable tonal matching across the front soundstage.

The speaker switch, to switch between the fronts could work if the Yamaha amp has setup settings that can be saved. I know that the 1900 and the 3900 has such a system. You would run setup with the MT30s and save that setting and than run the setup with the style speakers and save that as setting number two. There are 6 savable settings in total. Wheather this feature is on thd 1065 or 2065, I don't know.

I'm personally not a big fan of style speakers, but a cabinet/style hybrid range that may be of interest to you is the Moniror Audio Radius range. This range was recently updated to the Radius HD. Ther are still some original Radius speakers around at similar half price discounts to the Silver Range, so they are worth looking for if this range interests you.

Note that apart form the 270s which are florrstanders, all other speakers are priced as single speakers; This is because each speaker, apart from the 270s was designed to be used as a centre or surround.

Radius Range

Radius HD Range


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Thanks for all the advice.

As regards keeping MS30 front pair I thought I'd read that on the yamaha amps at least you could connect a stereo front pair to different terminals and direct sources to output to those in preference to the surrounds. Can't recall exact details.

Sounds like I need to decide on amp first and see how existing speakers will sound. I'd expect they're not up to the quality of newer amps though.

I was wondering if the 3900 would be worth considering. Would be really pushing what I'd want to spend and prob over specified for my needs but again, At such a good price would be worth considering, especially if the improvement in amp means I could put off the speaker upgrade for a while.

Do feel the MS30's might be good still but trying to match new center and surrounds could be a problem, which might force a full upgrade anyway.

Lots to consider but will take your advice and look at the amp in terms of what speakers I'd like to upgrade to in future rather than just match what I have now.


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Thanks for all the advice.

As regards keeping MS30 front pair I thought I'd read that on the yamaha amps at least you could connect a stereo front pair to different terminals and direct sources to output to those in preference to the surrounds.

Actually, you may be correct on that one. I hadn't thought of that. Yamaha amps have more than one zone, so maybe it's possible using a second zone. I think with the second zone, it will only output analogue sources that have been input into the amp.

Somewhere on the AV amps section, there is a thread about that kind of thing. I've never had to use a second zone, so not clued up on it's usage.


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yeah, think it was using zone 2 but can't recall what sources you could route that way.

Will look into the specs of the different amps a bit more as that might be a good compromise solution.

Would be very nice to have the kind of setup you've recommended as I think that would work well with music and films but think that's going to be a bit out of budget for a while, so keeping existing fronts for music and adding a cheaper cinema speaker package may be the way to go.

Looks like I have more reading to do. Thanks for the suggestions though :thumbsup:

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