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I'm new to the forums, and I could use some help.

First off, do I need 480i inputs on a TV? In what way would they be needed?

Secondly, how will the following TV's be for gaming? It doesn't mention the response time, which I know is important if I don't want any lag while playing video games. How can I find out the response time?

1) Samsung 30 in. HDTV with Built-in HD Tuner, SlimFit™

2) Toshiba 34 in. HDTV Monitor, FST PURE® Flatscreen

3)Samsung 30" Widescreen Flat-Tube HDTV

4)Samsung DynaFlat 26" Widescreen Flat-Tube HDTV

Which will be best for playing Xbox 360 on? Can I get anything better for under $1,000.00?

Stephen Neal

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Sorry to disappoint - but this forum is mainly frequented by us Brits. Suspect you are asking about HDTVs for the US - where 480i is the main standard definition format (i.e. what your VCR and OTA analogue, and SD cable will be delivered in)

In the UK we use 576i instead...

Yes - you do need it. It will be almost impossible to find a US TV that doesn't support 480i.

Suggest you go to which is more US-relevant.

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