These DS games any good?


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Tesco next to my work have a couple of games for £12.98 right now. Has anybody played Top Gun, Bust a move or space invaders - revo? Might nip across and pick one up.

Totally addicted to DS btw :D


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rjj76 said:
You can't go wrong with Bust a Move at that price. You'll have hours of fun.

Its been so long since i played bust a move - PS1 (i think). I remember it being a good game. So anybody got top gun or space invaders?

Barny79 said:
Bust a move is £11.97 at amazon.

Good price but that would mean waiting best part of a week. Tesco is a 30 second walk next door!


Space Invaders was £7.99 at my local Choices, i dont know if this a nationwide thing?


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i have space invaders.. think it cost me £6 on ebay and it basically is, well space invaders... hardly gound breaking but for under a tenner you cant go wrong really. More of a pick up and have a couple of games.. type of a game! :rotfl:


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top gun's crap IMHO

movie's tops, though. "i feel the need...."

Deputy Dawg UK

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Got Bust a Move yesterday from Amazon...£15.00 great little game IMO...Great for the journey to work!!

Grumpy Boy

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You can't go wrong with Bust a Move at that price. You'll have hours of fun.

I have owned Bust a Move on every console/handheld I've had.

This is a great version but I couldn't get used to the touch screen. When I switched it to traditional buttons it was fantastic.

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