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Mar 23, 2021
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As it's Xmas, I'm doing my yearly run of subscription keys. This year has been pretty heavy on XBox keys, and with one to go my supplier ran out. As I'd been validating keys* and then sending them out as I went, it meant that I couldn't replace my brother's with a Spotify gift card. As the last person was a kid I didn't really want to let him down so I started trawling all my usual sites and couldn't find one for love nor money. Eventually I found a 6 month key (I usually get a second batch of 6 month keys a bit later to top it up) on a site a mate suggested (was reputable), and he said he never had any problems with them. Anyway, I paid my money by PayPal, and the key borked.

Given it was a weekend, 8pm in the evening, and the time of year, I wasn't expecting a reply back until Monday at least if I got a reply at all, and I was expecting to spend Xmas and New Year dealing with a PayPal dispute. Within 20 minutes I had a response from the seller apologising, and asking me to give him a bit of time to check, and then 10 minutes later he sent me 2x3 month keys (they're cumulative), which were fine. Apart from my hosting company (who are absolute gold when it comes to resolving problems) I've never had a situation resolved so quickly. Given the key trading market is a bit of a grey area, albeit one I use a lot, I was expecting this to end in tears, which I've seen happen in the past (thankfully never to myself). While I doubt the seller was out of pocket, he could have just done a straight forward refund as the replacement keys cost around 30% more than the 6 month ones.

So do you have any stories that show not all private internet traders are scummy individuals?

* For anyone interested in finding out if an XBox key is legit (this works ONLY ON PC AND USE AT YOUR OWN RISK), open the XBox app on the PC, go into settings and click redeem. Next, cut and paste the key into the box, and you'll see a spinning circle. If the key is legit the "Next" button in the bottom right will go green (DO NOT CLICK IT OTHERWISE YOU ACTIVATE THE KEY) so all you need to do is simply delete the key from the box. If there are issues, underneath the text box, there will be red lettering letting you know the problem. As I said, you do this at your own risk, but information is currently correct.

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