Themescene HD81 1080P


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Nov 7, 2000
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Ive been offered one of these..
Themescene HD81 1080P Home Cinema Projector
Comes with spare bulb, original box etc, 1500hrs left on current bulb. Also has 6 months warranty left.
My current pj is the Pany PT-700
Comes from a local guy who i know and is always upgrading.
Worth the upgrade?
I am sure it's worth the upgrade but home much is he asking as other options may be better.
This PJ also can't be used without its counterpart video processor AFAIK, which he should give with it.
Roy Jowett have these on sale refurbished for £1600 with new lamp and 12 month warranty(complete with video processor).

So if you can get one with a bulb with 50% plus life left and a new bulb for £1000 it sounds like a decent bargain.

There is not much choice around £1000 new for 1080p at the moment so unless you are prepared to up your budget to nearer £1500 I would go for it.

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