themescene hd80 owners help smeghead please


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Hi guys

finally i've upgraded my panasonic ptae100 to a themescene hd80.........fantastic:clap: (smegheads a happy boy:smashin:)

but i'm having probs with the screen and my inputs

sky fills the screen fine it's a 6 foot screen by the way (vga)

dvd image shifts to the left ( component)

ps3 image is about 6 inches too big for the screen to the left (hdmi)

come on then.............what am i doing wrong:god

please help smeghead


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Not a HD80 owner, but is there a 'postion' menu for the different inputs like on my AE2000? I can shift images left or right electronically different amounts according to which input and/or resolution I'm using. Make sure this and any overscan controls are at default.

Is there a focus screen that the PJ produces? This will give you the 'true' full screen positioning on your screen, so you can at least zoom and line up the 'basic' image correctly to your screen. It might be that your screen is too small relative to the throw distance to fit the PS3 image on, as it sounds like this is actually using the full panel on your PJ. It's not so much that the PS3 input is shifted as maybe the PJ itself isn't quite lined up with the screen to begin with, especially if the right hand edge of the PS3 image is in the same place as your VGA's right hand edge?


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thanks for the reply seems things have moved on alot since i got my ae100.

you could be right about the screen......i've moved the pj back just over a meter compared to my ae100(wife is thrilled about another hole in the ceiling:eek:)

just i never had to change anything with the old one....just change input........not adjust zoom etc like now

i think i'll be pushing my luck if i buy a new screen as well;)
this was'nt the pj i told her is was gonna buy:devil:


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ps3 is set to 1080p 24 watched a film last night 30 days of night

not tried native

think the problem is i set screen up with sky on a pro v at 1024 x768


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okay ps3 1080p 24........16.9 or native both fill the screen fine
zoom has to be half way

sky is about 6 inches under the size of screen to the to fill my screen i have to move the pj mount to center it and then zoom it to fill screen

seems like a lot of buggering about to me:rolleyes:

have i gotta get a new vga/dvi box for sky with a higher res??

oh yeah i haven't found any settings on the pj to shift the image to the left thats why i move the mount

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