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chris thomas

hi all, can ayone point me in the rite direction, i havn,t used my theatretek software for ages but when i tried the other day the black screen comes up with the film reel but it wont play,,u can see the dvd drive trying to access the disk.
ive noticed somehow ive got a player on my sytem called INTERACTUAL player, i removed this in add remove thinking it may be conflicting but still no joy.
now when i put a dvd in the drive INTERACTUAL cuts in and asks if i wish to install it again, i decline, but no mater what i do to try and get a dvd to play through THEATRETEK it just wont have it and just freeze,s on the black screen with the film reel, any idea,s ?
thanks in advance, chris.:rolleyes:
Sounds like auto-play isn't pointing at TT .. are you running "Auto Killer" that comes with TT, why it's called that I have no idea but it seems to kick off TT when you insert a DVD.

The fact that this 'Interactual' is popping up shows I think that IT is configured to handle auto-insert notifications, you need to go in an remove that from Windows list .. 'fraid I forget off the top of my head where you find that.
Are you trying to play the same DVD? Sometimes I get a disc with the interactual player on it and don't realise it, so when I try and open TT my computer gets bogged down opening both the DVD applications at the same time - usually resulting in TT freezing. Maybe this is happening with yours? If so, insert the disc, wait for the Interactual screen to appear then press cancel then run TT as normal.

If it isn't the same DVD, forget everything I just said! ;)


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