theatertek info??


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hi there.
i have just purchased the theatertek dvd software and d/loaded onto my laptop until i have built my hcpc.
i started to install it onto my laptop just to see what it was like and then noticed that i only have seven days to evaluate it.
i haven't input the serial number i received whith the d/load yet and i immediately uninstalled it again for fear of not being able to use it on my hcpc next week once i've built it.
what i want to know is is it too late???
will i still be able to instll it onto my hcpc next week (will only be about 4-5 days from now) and use it?
i havent even tried it yet as it wouldn't load up unless i input the serial number so i'm hoping i'll be ok.
any info would be greatly appreciated.


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I can't see why not. Most software gives you a time period to evaluate the software.

You should be able to install the software many times, the thing with some software is that'll it'll install something on the registry, so when the trial does expire you'll have to purchase / enter a code to keep the software running.

So i shouldn't worry about it, and just install the software as normal on your HTPC when you've built it.

I hope this helps ??




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I'm pretty sure you'll get 7 days each time you clean install it to give you a chancxe to get a new regestration code.

Paul D

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Andrew at TT is very understanding with TT users needs.
He allows TT to be installed on several machines as long as they are owned by the person who bought TT.
I have TT on my family PC, HTPC and laptop.;)

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