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TheaterTek 2.1 out soon - Good news for RME users

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by Embarker, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. Embarker

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    Apr 19, 2004
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    Here a list of what to expect:-

    - Improvements to prevent mouse re-appearing when hovering in the top or bottom of the screen.
    - Fix for occasional AR editor crashing when closing with the mouse.
    - Fix for constant prompts to set TT as Default player.
    - Fix for TT not launching in the foreground when called from third party front-ends such as myHTPC, XLobby and DVDLobby
    - DPLII setting is now allowed for 4 speaker setup
    - Subtitle and CC nudge fixed for certain cards/drivers
    - Bass management was not always set correctly preventing 24.96 output.
    - Drive rollover was not always working (Multi-drive option on general tab)
    - Error message requesting disk to be inserted after playing a disk.
    - If the AR editor was selected from the Status top bar OSD, then it could cause later anomalies.
    - /DRIVE parameter was not working.

    New features:
    - Renderless mode for VMR9. Several configuration options are available but essentially you should get tear-free playback with a sharper picture on VMR9 provided XP SP2 is installed. Bonus features are the ability to set the translucency of the OSD and the OSD will fade out rather than just disappearing.
    - Color controls have been reset to a neutral balance. Previously, the color controls had a bias causing some customers to make radical adjustments for their display or have difficulty obtaining an optimal setup.
    - FF/RW jump times are now independent, allowing for example a jump forwards of 15 seconds and jump back of 5 seconds.
    - Hotkeys for Digital Volume control
    - Hotkeys for lip-sync control
    - The 'N' hotkey for switching de-interlacing options is now available for transport streams (HD)
    - The audio language for WMV-HD now adheres to the preferred setting in the Audio Languages tab in TheaterTek.
    - The shutdown/quit options at end of DVD now apply to the end of the playlist rather than the current DVD.
    - The File Open dialog is now modernized showing the Network icons on the left pane and allows resize and multiple file selection.
    - The TheaterTek window is now a drop target for files so you can drag/drop files onto the window for playback.
    - The Media Center remote control is now supported directly in the software.
    - To better control bass management, the subwoofer is now an additional speaker option for the Advanced Audio version.
    - Updated decoders from nVidia
    - A Microsoft hotfix for issues in the VMR9.


    Dangerous Dave

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