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Discussion in 'Video Streaming Boxes & Services' started by TheBlueRaja, Nov 12, 2009.

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    Well the say consumer power is on the rise and i know there are others out there having problems so i'd like to start a thread about the Xtreamer customer service offered (or not as it may be).

    A place where you can post whats been happening between you and Xtreamer and not have it deleted, get it noticed by Google and inform other potential buyers what they may be letting themselves in for.

    Please post here your Xtreamer CS problem and what Xtreamer said about it, also please do come back if it gets resolved and let us know (fairs fair after all).

    Firstly, for UK owners at least, despite it being mentioned on the site when i bought my item and up until last week, they have changed their RMA procedure, they now want us to ship our items to Germany for replacement.

    The original RMA procedure is documented here... and repeated here for reference in case they notice this and change that too:-

    The new RMA procedure, just quietly slipped in, i mean announced, is here and Step 3 now states:-

    The cost for this is around £14 with Euro 48, the cheapest i can find is Parcelforce GlobalValue at £8.99 but there is no tracking number with this (Xtreamer wants one) and its only guaranteed to £50.

    Xtreamer say they will only compensate upto 10 Euros, apparently it shouldnt be any more than that.

    I mailed them last week when the original terms and conditions were still up and asked if they would honor them as they told me to ship my item back to them - i got no reply - nothing.... Up until then they had been quick to respond to any query.

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