The World at War on TV???


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I am 99% sure I saw this advertised last week to be shown again in full on tv, but what channel and when I cant remember! If anyone can tell me I would be grateful, I loved this documentry series when first aired.



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It's currently showing weekly on The History Channel ($ky 561), but they are up to part 8 already. Part 9 follows next Saturday, May 1st, repeated on Sunday May 2nd.


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Damn! Thanks anyway, guess i'll save up for the dvd's then.


I have the dvds and they are excellent and also contain various other documentaries. The good thing about having them on dvd is that you can watch them at your own leisure.

Also on the dvds there is a brief intro by jeremy isaacs which is quite informative and gives you a good insight on what they were trying to achieve when filming the said episode
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