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The Wolf of Wall Street Blu-ray AVForums Review


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Nice review Cas. Still haven't watched this but I have always expected this was way, way overrated....like the majority of big budget Hollywood films these days.


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Top review, and on the money (geddit?), I reckon. It's overly long and a bit samey in places, but overall I thought it was brilliantly entertaining. Some great humour, in between all the drug taking and sex.

In a similar way to Pain & Gain, I'm sure it's not quite what happened in real life, but it's not that far off. DiCaprio I thought was very good, and it was fantastic to have Joanne Lumley involved.

Cracking disc also (I went for the steelbook which is quite nice, if a bit...bland). Amazon were kind enough to deliver it on Sunday :thumbsup:


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This is one of my fave movies of the last year - in fact one of my favourite films in years. It takes a lot of Scorseses storytelling tricks, and applies them to a group of characters that really don't feel restricted by rules or laws. In that way, it reminded me a lot of Goodfellas.

It does seem to divide opinion, a lot of my pals really didn't enjoy it.

It never felt like it was dragging in the slightest - the perfect humour and absurdity kept it moving along nicely for me. That such a film could be made to such high standards in Hollywood is truly surprising!

10/10 for me.
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I found the movie really entertaining, id probably give it an 8, hell its worth buying for di caprios bird alone!


Enjoyed the movie :) entertaining story


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8! Def a 10/10 from me - superb performances from a brilliant cast - Jonah Hill was just superb - as good as his Moneyball performance imo.


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Was a solid 9/10 had some really Laugh out Loud moments for me, and a cracking uk steelbook


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I will give it a 8.nice maybe bit long but stuck to the core of the film and acting for me was brilliant.


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Movie scores a 8 n half for me(at least) , brought laughs and shocks and comedy in equal measure , great cinematic escapade.
I have a feeling this movie may be too much for some and they would mark down it I suppose?


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Watched this last night and thought it was excellent. Plenty of everything and DiCaprio was incredible. Stunning picture and audio.
Easily a 9 or 10/10

Wayne Beetison

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I thought it was pretty good, is a tough third hour though, almost drags on too long by the end.

What gets a 10 for picture quality on a bluray then?


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I was expecting better to be honest. It was all about the DiCaprio performance - the whole 179 minutes which became rather tiresome. I was actually on a 7 hour plane journey so had nothing better to do! Made me look forward to an interruption by the flight attendant with more Orange juice. But seriously the editing could have been more disciplined. 110 minutes would be fine.
The DiCaprio's end speech with his change of heart was an example of too much of a good thing..
Not saying the performance wasn't good, it was, but just too much.


I watched this one over 3 sittings. I'd have struggled if I were to do this in one.

I'd agree with Cas that the underrated Aviator is a better character study on the whole and for me has better repeat watch value as a whole movie. If I were to have a half hour - 45 mins to spare Wolf would be the movie of choice as any 45 min sequence within the narrative is very entertaining. The female lead is also very easy on the eye which always helps.

Scorcese and Di Caprio have done some great works together. I can't wait for the next outing... Whatever that maybe!

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