The Wild Bunch DVD



Please could someone let me know if the R2 Disc available is a flipper Disc.I know the documentry is on Side B but Im slightly worried that some of the movie may be aswell! :confused:
Thanks guys.

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unfortunately it is a flipper, its not that disruptive to the flow of the movie but such a great movie as this needs a newer release


Thanks for the quick reply.Ive read that a Lot of Sam Peckinpah's movies are going to receive the "Special Edition" treatment this year so lets hope this is one of them.BTW there is a great documentry on The Osterman Weekend disc with a lot of cool stuff about Sam....I still miss him
Thanks again.

Rambo John J

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the Wild Bunch is one of those getting a new SE. Should be worth waiting for, although I spin the current version quite a lot and I don't really notice having to flip the film


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The R1 & 2 Anchor Bay versions of "The Osterman Weekend" are very good. Great documentary on disc 2.

There is a R3 copy of "Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia" on the MGM label. Bare bones

The UK R2 copy of "Cross Of Iron" is the best copy available. Agin though only a bare bones release.

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