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The Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF) and cables..


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So come on guys discuss, what's the best solution ??

Hiding them in the walls isn't an option for me, under the floor is out too as I've got varnished floorboards. I had a look at that Sony RHT stuff and it's a non starter compared to what I've got.

Has anyone got a solution to the cabling problem ??

I forsee a future when we have no cables and just tiny transmitters and recievers on our amps and speakers... Oh to dream :D


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".... I forsee a future when we have no cables and just tiny transmitters and recievers on our amps and speakers ..."

And the power comes from where?


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it's the future man, there'll be tiny little hydrogen cells.

It was a dream I had :D


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I can vouch for the D-Line. Because of its soft sheen finish and rounded rather than square finish, it doesn't catch the light and really does 'disappear' especially if you can run it along an edge/down a corner. Excellent solution when you cant conceal another way.
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Possibly many years away , but .....

WREL (technology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Intel are researching heavily into it at the moment , apparently one of the execs made a not too bright promise about it !

I saw that on the telly once, they were talking about making desk like that so your mobile and laptop charged up while they sat on it.

I'm sure you get electric toothbrushes that use the technology now :thumbsup:


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And the power comes from where?

Wireless power is closer than you think. I read an article about it in Custom PC. But I guess CPC isn't one of the most reliable, or most mature magazines in the world.



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More here ....

Intel CTO Says Gap between Humans, Machines Will Close by 2050

It all sounds a bit kooky , especially the other two items mentioned in this article , and thats an Intel site ....

And to top it all the mans name is Rattner .... a certain four letter work springs to mind on the mention of that name !

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