The West wing season 6 box set review.


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Jun 1, 2004
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Ok, this is not an official review but here are some thoughts.

Season 6.

The line forms here. As the Bartlett administration enters the last year, Oval Office hopefuls emerge from both major parties. And so do political strategists eager to back those bids for the White House dreamers and doers willing to leave their West Wing posts for another grab at the brass ring.

An up-and-coming congressman (Jimmy Smits) and an astute Republican senator (Alan Presidential aspirants. But in addition to the running for office, there's the business of running the country - a job on the shoulders of Bartlett (Martin Sheen) and his now reorganized staff. It's a taxing job under any circumstances, even more so when the nation's commander-in-chief battles the ravages of MS. The candidates, the staff, the nation: see how they run in this remarkable 22-episode Season 6.​

I got this box set on monday the 26TH of sept. I had watched all 22 episodes by the following thursday. I made the time for this show, because it is that good :smashin:
Season 5 , although still good, seemed to loose its way somehow. There were no real stand out episodeds and it seemed like the cast and crew were just treding water rather than swimming through the story. Thankfully season 6 is a return to form that ,although still feels the absence of the shows creator in the writing, comes very close to the style and snapyness of the first four seasons.
Season 6 has some individual episode storys while also maintaining a season long story arch about the presidential nominations. This is Jed Bartletts last year as the president and he's goanna do some good before he goes damn it! There is a shake up of who is doing what job within the west wing, which keeps the show fresh, and the adding of Jimmy smits and alan alda to the mix brings the show a great shot in the arm.
If you can avoid spoilers for the season , please do so, it will make the last episode in the season that much more enjoyable.
Remember, this season has still yet to be shown on UK TV. Get the box set for £40.00 and enjoy it uninterrupted and logo free, with a clean crisp picture and sound. This DVD boxset really is the best way to View the westwing and I for one, cant wait for season 7! :clap:



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Got it yesterday. Only managed to squeeze in 5 and a bit episodes so far. I was already late for work hence the "and a bit" part!

Very impressed with the first five so far. As Dave said it is a return to form after Season 5, I was disappointed with Season 5. The kidnapping was dealt with far too quickly and conveniently and the season finale seemed rushed too. I felt that there was no real storyline or direction that ran through the series to hold it all together. The kidnapping stortyline had real potential and it was disappointing that they didn't explore it further.

Regardless of this, it is superbly acted, brilliantly cast and well written. The new characters that I've met so far have slotted in beautifully and only add to what must be the strongest ensemble cast on TV. Can't wait to get stuck in to a few more tonight!

Presumably Season 7 will be the last if Jed Bartlett is in his last year of his presidency. I'll be gutted when it's finally over but glad to have seen one of the finest series you're likely to come across.

I always keep plugging it whenever posting about The West Wing. But if you like it, check out Sportsnight on DVD. It was by Aaron Sorkin and you can really see how his writing style developed onto The West Wing from it. It's very good indeed!
just seen eps 1-4 so far. Definitely back to form after S5 (but even that was good). Some BIG surprises so far!!

Nothing on TV comes close to the West Wing, for acting and writing. All this talk about "Lost" being the best thing on TV,....puleeze!!
All finished now. A very very good season indeed. New characters and fresh plot lines involving the Democratic and Republican nomination campaigns. Thoroughly enjoyable.

I believe season 7 is currently airing in the US which presumably will cover the Presidential election campaign as well as the last days of the Bartlett administration.

Any ideas if there's to be a season 8 with a new President. It looked to be heading that way in Season 6. I just hope that the end of the Bartlett presidency is not the end of the West Wing.

By the way, that's not supposed to be a spoiler as US Presidents can only serve 2 terms of 4 years each. So Jed Bartlett was always going out as President soon!

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