The West Wing: Complete Season 1 And 2 Box Set £34.99

edited by CooperUK

Price still at the offer, may have to buy it now!

Excuse me dear, how much is the overdraft this month? :devil:
No it doesn't, still £34.99....

No wait, it was 34.99, added to basket, then at next page was £70.39.......... blimey, I'm not having much luck catching these deals!
Just tried it again just now................ and it worked this time? All very odd, but who cares, just got my order in :)
never seen this show before but for this price im willing to take a plunge and try it out.
Just ordered mine, wasn't gonna spend today, but at that price who can resist?
You lot should be ashamed of yourselves!! Another 35 quid on the credit card. Well spotted!!! Bet the misses thinks its a Valetine's thing for her when it arrives!!
Excellent spot this, thanks very much. Just so happens I had £23 in Amazon vouchers too (from doing surveys at work :suicide: ), so I've only had to lay out £11.99 :eek: what a bargain. If it comes before the weekend, I may even manage to convince the missus it's a valentines gift for her :rotfl:

Thanks again
Well got mine a nice set seems to be just the org releases reboxed. What a deal though hehehehehe.:clap:

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