The Warriors (XBLA)

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    "The Warriors will come out to play again this summer in a new game for Xbox Live Arcade.

    It's not being developed by Rockstar, who were responsible for 2005's Xbox, PS2 and PSP title, but a company called CTXM.

    However, the game will of course feature the Orphans, the Furies, the Lizzies and the like, and appears to be a four-player brawler.

    The Warriors XBLA will be released this summer to mark the 30th anniversary of the classic movie. A new comic book is also planned, along with "other products and entertainment". Can you dig it? And when was the last time you polished your leather waistcoat?" (Source) Eurogamer

    (Trailer) Gametrailers

    I admit, when I first read this I did think they meant they were re-releasing the 2005 game, which was possibly one of the best games I played at the time. But then when I saw the trailer I thought it looked ace.

    Final Fight, Warriors style! Got to be a winner...

    "Can you dig it?" :thumbsup:

    (Source) Kotaku

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