The Warriors - Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack Review

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Warriors, Warriors, come out to play-ee-yayyy!
Seriously, how could you possibly resist such an invitation? Walter Hill exploded the gang mythos of New York, Brooklyn, the Bronx and, of course, Coney Island in 1979's electrifying modern-day Western-cum-Spartan odyssey of uber-macho, anti-authoritarian lawlessness on the neo-futuristic streets of a Big Bad Apple. Based upon Sol Yurick's grandslamming novel of the same name, it is the story of one gang, The Warriors, who have been framed for the murder of the new youth culture messiah, Cyrus (Roger Hill), during a huge, city-wide gang pow-wow designed to unify the hundreds of usually warring tribes in order to take over the streets from the police, and are now on the run. In desperation they have to battle their way back to their home turf of Coney Island through miles of hostile land, with every other gang...

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