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Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by Andy3, Jun 20, 2005.

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    Hello chaps - I've been reading your words of wisdom (?) for a few months now, and as we are considering going HD LCD sometime soon I thought I'd dip a toe in the water. I'm ex-TV trade so I know about standard TV technology, but flat panel/digital/ home theatre stuff is unfamiliar ground. We have one of those nifty Grundig 17" LCD's in the bedroom, and fed from a freeview box (S-video feed, it looked awful on composite...) it is quite passable, especially on the higher quality channels. Only the 'pot luck' remote lets it down, a fault it shares with the Philips Freeview box. What is it with these modern remotes? :eek:
    Anyhow - After reading a few mags, reviews etc, I went around the local Comet/Curry's/Dixon's/small retailers and looked at what was available. Lots of nice-looking sets, some of them showing really nice pictures and some not (crap feeds probably) and some attractive prices - but most of them are either non HD-ready or have poor inputs or odd 15:9 display panels. in other words unless you have deep pockets, you won't get a good quality, proper HD telly (Sky HD compatible) just at the moment.
    Some tried to flog me the nearest model, but one of the assistants was very honest. "If you want a good mid-price HD TV, keep your money in your pocket for now. Most of these on display are end-of-line bargains, but when real HD arrives you'll be struggling for connections or complaining about PQ. Wait six months for the new models to arrive and come in and see me again, you'll be amazed at the difference."
    I want one now, but he's peobably right - at least in the sub £1500 bracket.???

    I asked him two questions, neither of which he could answer: 1) Why are there so few 27/28 inch lcd's around (this is the size we'd want) and 2) where on Earth did the funny 15:9 format (1280*768) come from? I've never heard of this ratio in all my years in the trade! Our little Grundig is 15:9, and it squeezes widescreen pictures a bit...

    Sorry to barge in with my opinions and questions. Any answers?

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