The Wait begins ordered SVS pb2


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Ok i have sold my storm to a forum member who will now have
2 Storms !!! in his system I belive it will be fantastic.

I have ordered the svs pb2+ ....the wait begins

So i'm joining the svs club

Question to smurfin as i purchased by bfd last sat only 1 week
with my storm now subless

What does your pb2+ curve look like ref bfd, do you let the
db output increase in the 25-16hz region or do you keep the
line as level as possible say 85db all the way to 80hz ???

Anyone else who uses the bfd with an svs what do you prefer/


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My wait is nearly over, it is sitting at Heathrow and I should get it early next week, damn weekends, I have put off watching any films untill it gets settled in, other half is fed up of waiting too! Boy is she going to have a fit when she sees the size of it, ooer missus.


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Simon, just got in and I have a serious hangover...I'll write a detailed reply a bit later:)


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It has landed in the uk may 1st
So i rang today (after bank hol )

It is possible it will be delivered tomorrow!!!

Users in the uk
Now thst you have settled in with your pb2 what have you found to sound the
best (mainly for home cinema) ref the ports and ss switch

How many ports blocked and what switch setting??


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I am still experimenting as this sub gives you a lot of different possible configurations and setup options, all of which are going to be dependant on your siting of the sub and the acoustics of your room, room size etc.
You are in for a lot of muscle pain dragging it around the room followed by tweaking and listening but it's great entertainment.
In my room at present the sub is at the right end of my sofa, (makes a good place to rest my Leffe) and for Home Cinema I am running 3 ports open 20Hz filter setting. I have the gain on the 3rd white line with the signal from my Yamaha processor at minus 15, minus 20 being the lowest. (Sub crossover disabled to ensure full signal from processor)
The port configurations, (copied from Edward JM's excellent pb2+ review at US forum "Home Theartre Forum") are:
3 ports open Subsonic Filter 25Hz
2 ports open SS @ 20hz
1 port open SS @ 16hz
3 ports open SS @ 20hz
3 ports open SS @ 16hz
2 ports open SS @ 16hz.
I think svs urge caution using the most extreme unconventional setting at high volume to avoid straining the amp. ie 3 ports open 16hz.
For music I have the sub connected at high level to my nad 2 channel amp and am getting excellent results with 3 ports open @ 16hz and the gain set at slightly below the second line, crossover enabled and set at 79hz.
I am expecting the denon 3802 amp I bought to arrive soon so no doubt it will be back to the spl meter and start all over again!
Have fun!


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How long did it take from placing your order to delivery?


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Regarding your question on a rising near-subsonic response with descending frequency: This is commonplace with SVS subs.

My own sub-25Hz ski-jump (with 15Hz take-off point) is due to room gain. (apparently) :)



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Ok it has arrived the pallet had been removed and the box opened, i assume a
customer check at manchester airport, anyway it is in perfect condition and
fully working order.
Pictures don't always do this thing justice ITS BIGGGGGGG
The baxglobal guy helped me lift it into the house then my wife helped me
lift it into postion.
I had measured the space required and it fits just !!,I have it near my left main
speaker with the ports facing the wall.
I have done some initial calibration and re-set my bfd processor
low level in, using auto sense on,phase 180deg,gain approx 2.5 white lines.
I had a hugh peak from approx 28hz to 18hz which i have removed/lessened
using the bfd, so I have a slight ski/slope from 80hz down to 16hz.
A small peak at 63hz again removed with bfd.
1 port blocked , SS set to 20hz
So what can I say about the sound, deeper,tighter,much more
I havn't had enough time to play yet /tweak but toy story 2 is amazing
pod race,fantasic but the most amazing in my limited experince so far
is hell freezes over eagles,for the 1st time the bass guitar sounds like
it should at a rock concert,inc bass drum etc
At this early stage i am very pleased, more experimenting to do yet.

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