The Vines - Winning Days


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Listened to this several times over the weekend!

Fantastic album I must say, about as good as the first, but has some different qualities to it. 'Autumn Shade 2' carries the drifting guitar-driven lilts over from the first album and acts as a focus point for the best part of the album in the next couple of tracks: 'Evil Town', 'Winning Days' and 'Shes Got Something To Say To Me' are all brilliant stand-out tracks, and the psychedelic 'Amnesia' is a beautiful swirling ballad.

I'd give it 8.5/10, it is definatley a change in direction, not a huge one as it carries over a lot from the first album, which is a GOOD thing!

Looking forward to buying it on the 22nd! :smoke:


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Glad to hear some good feedback on this album. I'm always a bit aprehensive about the dreaded follow-up album, but if it builds (only slightly) on the first album then it will be well worth getting :smashin:


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As much as I like the first album (and I do, I had it on constant rotation for almost an entire Summer), I think the new one is terrible. I listened to it 3 times and I don't want to go near it again.

All the unfair criticism from the first album now comes into play -- it really does sound like a collection of rejected Nirvana B-sides.


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2.5 out of 5 at

to be honest I've heard a couple of songs that sound awful

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