The US has this - PDP-4270HD, will we?



Close to thinking of getting the PDP-4270XD/PDP-427XD but wanted to make sure a new model isn't around the corner.
Ok Japan has, but they appear uber-high market.

However in the US I have found this - the PDP-4270HD.,,2076_310069733_310985820,00.html
With brochure.

I do not believe its a case of "same model diff name" as the US PDP-4270HD model has aspects that I have not seen in the UK's, i.e. -

Crystal Emissive Layer for deeper blacks and increased brightness of images

Advanced Pure Cinema™ with 3:3 pull down so that film-based material on DVD, videotape or even regular TV will match the smooth and natural reproduction seen in a movie theater.

ACE IV (Advanced Continuous Emission) for reproduction of billions of colors and improved grey-scale rendering in dark picture areas.

Will this appear in the UK?
Do we know what price range will be?

I have looked but can't seem to find any info.

Anyone know of anything?
i been told that the 8th generation is out sometime this year

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